About Bundarra Farm.

Our story.

We’ve been farming our pigs at Barham since 2010. We farm 100 acres and run 60 sows totally free range. We are surrounded by the Koondrook State Forest, and red gums shade our pigs and provide wood for smoking our smallgoods. We chose not to farm conventionally, instead we use biodynamic preparations on the soil, avoid antibiotics and chemicals of any kind, harrow pig manure, nurture native grasses and perennial pastures and never use ploughs. The pigs do a fine job of fertilising and turning the soil. You can visit our farm and meet the pigs by appointment and we are also a farm gate on the Backroads Trail. Early in 2020 we finished building a new space in Barham to house our butchery and a new deli, all of our previously on-farm butchered pigs are now butchered and sold from our new deli- the Little Pork Deli and online via our new online shop. Please pop in and see us next time you're in Barham.

What's a Berkshire pig?

Berkshire pigs are an English heritage breed, also known as Kurobota pork. The breed produces some of the best quality pork in the world due to the excellent meat-to-fat ratio, marbling and slow growth which results in superior texture, flavour and tenderness. We also chose the breed because of the heritage classification, docility, hardiness to roaming the paddocks and because they are wonderful animals. We have 60 breeding sows which have two litters of around 8 piglets a year. We love our pigs and we make sure their life on the farm is as natural and stress free as possible and truly free range to roam and graze. You can meet the pigs at the farm, drop us a line so we can show you around.

Sweet juicy pork.

The pork produced by our pigs is simply incredible. The flesh is darker in colour and has a firm feel, tastes sweet, rich and has a clean aftertaste, soft fat and great marbling which makes for great flavour and juiciness. We cut and pack our own pork and dry age cuts to order for the next level experience. This is what real grass fed pork should taste like: no crap, no moisture infusions, no hormones and no antibiotics, just real, natural delicious pork. The pork has been branded gold at both the Australian Food Awards and the Sydney Royal Fine Food Awards. 

Little Pork Deli.

In 2019 we purchased a new site in close by Barham, to purpose build a deli and butchery supplying our meats, charcuterie but also amazing organic coffee, cheeses, produce, artisan bread, wine and take home meals. We opened the shop just before COVID-19 hit hard.  Please head over to the new site to place your orders for online, or pop in and see us in real life at 118 Punt Road, Barham NSW. We're open 5 days a week. See you soon!